The best sports betting tipster are those that have gathered the experiences, learned from their mistakes and did not repeat them. Because we realize that true knowledge is not built solely on one man's experiences, we have upgraded our base of knowledge, based on sharing experiences with the best tipsters. Sports betting area is difficult to control and it takes the experience of many years, gained from thousands of bets. Only then you learn how to be »cold blooded« and capable of grabbing the right moment to place a bet.

We accurately watch, make notes and analyze all major world leagues. We are also informed regarding smaller football leagues that are easier to play on the field, but more difficult to bet on, and are therefore offering a great way to get large profit. Based on careful analysis of the last 3 seasons, we have gathered crucial data that make our statistical base. Our methodology of improvement is based on a data that are essential to the game itself and are shown in some sort of pattern. Where ever those patterns might occur, it is possible to predict the income of future matches with certain amount of probability. But because we wanted the best possible rate of accuracy and leave out the human error, we have made the computer program that helps us process the information, gathered in the previous seasons. Based on these analyses, made with the program, we are confident; we can make a profit in the long run.

Now that you know the background of our betting advices, it is time to take a look at the most sensitive part of the entire process. It is the question of how much money are we willing to place on a single bet? Our advice is the following: always place 5% of your entire budget that you have reserved for betting at any given moment. Let's take a look at a simple case. If someone has a 1000€ at hand, then at the average odd of 2.00, this individual would then place 50€ on that bet. But if you want to play at the optimal level, you need to have at least 2000€ reserved for betting. And out of that 2000€ you should place a 100€ to a single bet.

Using our method to bet on sporting events therefore combines accurate statistical data that are gathered with watching football matches and then used combining our experiences and intuition to make a prediction. This prediction has a rational base, which proves our success rate. Advices that we give are 65-70% accurate. This means that whilst playing 10 matches with odd 2.00, you are expected to win six or seven of them. When the probability of an accurate prediction is as high as we have, it means that following our advice makes profit in the long run.

WARNING and RELEASE OF LIABILITY: Provider analyzes and makes predictions of sporting events with the help of knowledge and experiences. Provider states that actual events analyzed and their outcome results are not guaranteed by the provider.

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Gathering of Information

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Outcome Factors

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Quality Betting Advices

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