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Betting has been a social practice which has connected people for millennia. The origin of betting is the following: someone is sure that has the information regarding certain event, that has not yet happened and these pieces of information give him the advantage against other people. Therefore, this individual is willing to bet his own belongings, that this event will go this way. This is called rational betting – when we have solid information about the event and we decide upon these information. But there are also irrational motives for betting, like the ones that are based on magic.

Betting advices have absolutely no connection with them. In modern days, the events are strongly interconnected and we cannot even imagine the things that influence the probability of what might occur. Betting advices that are rational are based on collecting all possible credible information that are in some way connected with the probability of certain event. There are different factors that influence on the result of a sporting event, like: team disputes, player's family influences, undisclosed managers disease, financial problems of the club's owner and so on. Betting advices are considered as high quality if they gather all possible information and evaluate upon all those factors, what the most probable result might be. But because individuals have difficulties gathering this information on their own, the betting advices are – besides individual intuition, your best tool.



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Gathering of Information

Many people wonder how to make money with sports betting. Most people see quick and easy earnings in this business, which can cost them all their belongings. Read more ...

Outcome Factors

Bookmakers have managed to stay on the market due to extremely unpredictable sporting events. And that's because there are so many factors influencing the outcome of a match. That is a fact that tipster just have to accept. Read more ...

Quality Betting Advices

One of the factors that tipster neglect or sometimes the other way around – use in their favor is definitely the odds offered by the bookmakers. It\'s just in our nature to seek for the safest ways or in this case, the safest bets.Read more ...

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